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Friday, 17 September 2010

Not On the face - beat your wife

Egyptian Cleric Sa'd Arafat (basically an asshole) claims that God had honored women with a blessing. It's not like any other blessings, say like courage or generosity. NO It's the blessing of being beaten and abused. why? because the prophet (Mohammad no one else) said: "do not beat her on the face and do not make her ugly". The asshole (the cleric) adds that the man should not curse or swear at the woman while he (man-another asshole) is beating the shit out of her. Super fine so far, the woman is still pretty and honored. It's incredible men should beat there women just so they behave, he has no right to break a bone, or pull a tooth or cut the meat and he has no right to remove an eye. women need to be disciplined. Cleric Sa'd the asshole (again) makes man's job in beating and disciplining hard though, man can hit woman with anything but he CAN'T LEAVE A MARK (otherwise she'll be ugly and basically he can't fuck her afterwords) - The most important thing in Sa'd's speech is that beating is allowed only in ONE CASE!

Guess what is it please?


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