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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Samantha & Samuel, a couple on "Love Lane"

Samantha and Samuel live in a flat on “LOVE LANE”. a tiny street in Canterbury. it happens to be the lane that leads “Donkey” to the pub on the end of this street “The Two Sawyers”. “Donkey” has no idea why the lane is called “Love Lane” or why the pub has to have such a name on the end of such a lane. “Donkey” doesn’t listen to people’s conversations usually, but Samantha and Samuel were really loud .

Samuel : i still don’t get it why water-taps in
england don’t have a mixer for
the hot and cold water?!
Samantha : and what’s strange about this ?
Samuel : don’t you find it strange yourself ??
Samantha : not really !!
Samuel : I mean it’s not strange its just stupid
not to have that fucking mixer.
Samantha : well,u know?
Samuel : wha??
Samantha : you are full of shit!
Samuel : wait wait,there is something lost in
translation here!!!
Samantha : i don’t think so! foreigners aren’t good
at anything but complaining!!! Samuel : you mean that i’m a useless foreigner
Samantha : well, i wasn’t talking about you!!
anyways you seem to be one of them these
Samuel : i know that i’m a bloody foreigner and i
will always be,but what i don’t get that
i’m useless !!
Samantha : now you know at least!!
Samuel : i think that i’m useless and thick as
Samantha : well
Samuel : I didn’t want to know my self that
late...its quiet sad, init??
Samantha : never too late
Samuel : but u know that you were the kingdom...
Samantha : .....that the sun doesn’t set....
Samuel : ...ya!!!! you conquered the world from
far east to far west...
Samantha : from India to the America
Samuel : ...that was your greatest
Samantha : beside Israel.....i fucking memorized it
by now...
Samuel :i'm glad that you know this now...i feel
better than being useless !!
Samantha : but who gives a fuck??
Samuel : your right who gives a fuck?
Samantha : i'm just fed up from your global
political silly issues !! i just want
to love you without your
complexities...that what i want,i don’t
want to talk about Iraq, Iran, Syria,
states France...don’t want this. i just
wana wake up with u without saying
anything,that what i want...shut up... Samuel : ok
Samantha : tell me now!!
Samuel : ok
Samantha : ya ???
Samuel : ok
Samantha : ok what??you want to wake up with me
without saying anything??
Samuel : honestly??
Samantha : ya
Samuel : no...i don’t want to wake up with you

“Donkey” walked to the pub thinking what was to happen next? he forgot about it after the second pint.

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