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Monday, 28 February 2011

Theatre of the Edge: The edge of theatre.

A man who has not been seen in a long time, a man who has recently been the subject of many debates, fights, and some occasional jokes, made his presence onstage on Wednesday, February 23rd, 2010 in a talk/installation about violence and egocentrism.
After a lot of mindless babble, accusations, and self-motivation, this figure of mystery, recently known as didaskalos, posited his initiation of a new form of theatre, his theatre, the Theatre of the Edge. To him, he is a god - and likewise to many of his followers - and he believes his theatre to be a kind of therapy and personality building. He brings people to an epoch of character and maturity, he not only teaches them how to jump and act, but also teaches them about life, and how to become ‘better human beings’ in life. Something I find really fascinating, how people can owe their existence and being to one man! It should be prudent now to explain the reason why this man decided to have this talk.
This man, didaskalos, has been very recently kicked out of an academic institution for punishing one of his actors by burning him with a cigar lighter. Three burns, on the bicep, waist, and thigh - because, of course, three is the charm!
A lot of controversy has followed this act;
Did it really happen?
Was it blown out of proportion?
Is burning wrong?
Is torture wrong?
How can one judge if one did not actually witness this act?
Is it fair for someone to be scandalized just because of one little act?
So many questions, it’s crazy! The puzzling thing about all this is that people now-a-days can’t seem to clearly see wrong from right. Some people seem to think that thinking is not necessary anymore. Some people seem to have nothing to believe in anymore. But enough of contemplations and ambiguity, we come here to talk about theatre and its edge.
A grand concept! A dazzling way of presenting this concept: a scrim, a lighter, a saj, and a very charismatic man onstage. As usual, his charisma filled the theatre he was in. This man talked and talked, every now and then quoting Antonin Artaud, a grand theatre person in history, a man didaskalos admires a lot, I remember from how he used to talk of Artaud in his classes.
Our man, didaskalos, quoted Artaud saying that people must revolt against rules and institutions that are only there to close our minds and bottle up our thoughts. Our man calls for revolting against rules! He did this by reading a lengthy letter written by Artaud to the chancellors of the universities of Europe. Every now and then he would stop and say: “This is Artuad not me” followed by a laughtrack from the audience that starts and stops at the same time. It’s genius when one critiques his own techniques indirectly by putting them in different circumstances, it makes stupid people think he’s wise, but makes smart people see that he’s a hypocrite!
Talking onstage was one of the rules of the Souratian theatre that led to all this fuss! And breaking a Souratian rule has many consequences.
These two men, didaskalos and Artaud, share many things, (or so he would wish): they are both madmen and genuine theatre people, however Artaud was aware of his madness and lived in an asylum for most of his life. Also Artaud never knew he was such a genius and never claimed to have created his own form of theatre; he followed the movement of surrealism, one that many of the world’s greatest artists followed, a movement that no man created, but rather a collection of artists and thinkers. Our man, however, has the nerve to say that he has created his own form of theatre, which he names Souratism: theatre of the Edge.
A theatre that drives people to the edge.
Tests their endurance!
Makes them strong!
Hurts them.
Makes them weak so they become strong.
Kills them.
Makes them fly!
It’s apparent to see how we have reached a real edge.
The edge of a cliff.
The edge of sanity.
It’s funny how people can be dazzled by a man who stands onstage holding a whip saying: “I have a whip!” The lights went down, music faded up, projections from his last play were shown, and he stood there striking it down repeatedly. Even by just listening to the recording of the lecture and to the whip striking the floor again and again, I felt scared. Something was going wrong. Something lurid was stirring in this man’s head. But for the people who saw him playing with the whip that day, one thought crossed their minds as they looked at him in awe: “the man has lost it!”
It’s very funny when people are blinded by one man who puts truth on the edge and lies and lies and lies and lies… until a lie becomes the truth! But then again, didaskalos is a master of rhetoric, the art of using words. He does it so well. He did it so well that day. He boosted up the British accent, used the right words, and let the magic fly! The word is a very dangerous tool. The spoken word. And he uses it so well! Rhetoric was an art that people used to study back in the days of the Greeks and the Romans, even after that. It was the best way for propaganda. Many teachers, generals, dictators, politicians, and leaders used it.
“The boy jumped on the fire!”
Two months ago the whole story didn’t even happen.
One month ago it was part of experimentation.
Three weeks ago it was punishment.
That day, didaskalos bluntly lied and said that the boy himself asked for it and jumped on the lit lighter that happened to be in the director’s hands! Didaskalos didn’t mean to burn him he was merely scaring the boy, but the boy unexpectedly jumped on it! Three times! And didaskalos couldn’t seem to realize that he must turn off the lighter!
But many people have lied in history. Many people have created concepts based on lies. Many people have achieved so much based on lies. Many people have gotten away with kingdoms and empires based on lies. Many people have created cults based on lies. And one man in history led a whole people and country based on one big lie.
I think it is time to stop quoting Artaud and start quoting a man who much more resembles didaskalos, Adolf Hitler.
“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”
As I’m writing this I remembered one time in one of Nagy Souraty’s classes when I proposed I work on the character of Adolf Hitler for my acting final and he rejected saying it was not interesting enough. It’s scary to delve into the psychology of a dictator, a person with so much power and control. But I find it very interesting. It is really interesting to see how people can conquer minds with their wit, looks, and charisma.
Mind control.
National Socialism is not a cult-movement—a movement for worship; it is exclusively a 'volkic' political doctrine based upon racial principles. In its purpose there is no mystic cult, only the care and leadership of a people defined by a common blood-relationship... We will not allow mystically-minded occult folk with a passion for exploring the secrets of the world beyond to steal into our Movement. Such folk are not National Socialists, but something else—in any case something which has nothing to do with us. At the head of our programme there stand no secret surmisings but clear-cut perception and straightforward profession of belief. But since we set as the central point of this perception and of this profession of belief the maintenance and hence the security for the future of a being formed by God, we thus serve the maintenance of a divine work and fulfill a divine will
- Adolf Hitler: Nuremberg, September 6, 1938
He said: “I kept wondering, why do they hate us so much? It is then I realized that it’s because they don’t understand us.” Us and them. Right and wrong. He laughed and said: “and they say we’re a cult! They really believe it”, but then again none of his supporters (the really radical ones) ever disagree with him, they all adore him, he is able to get two people onstage and remove their shirts and hit each other, he was able to have a TV setup in the Fine Arts lobby with his interview on it repeated over and over, they all sit around the TV watching him with awe and ecstasy, he is able to say in his rehearsals: “whatever I say is godly”, they believe it, they all think like him, some of them walk like him, sit in his chair the way he sits in Gulbenkian, he is able to burn one of is actors, once, twice, three times without them opening their mouths.
Does anyone sense the commonalities?
Mind control.
The little theatre in Masrah Al Madina was full of it that day. It was a pity I couldn’t make it, I really wanted to. I wanted to see the man with the whip!
Nevertheless, I felt really proud, proud of how my friends – a small group of really clever and interesting people – raised very smart questions to didaskalos.
I was very proud of how he cut them off as they spoke and changed the subject.
I was very proud of how they felt that this once mysterious and scary university professor was not scary at all anymore.
I was very proud of how some people removed their sight from them when they were glared at.
I was very proud of how for the first time I knew what it is to be a “dangerous citizen”.

Fuad Halwani

يا ملكي العزيز

أبغي الفايس بوك قال الملك السعودي لمارك زوكريبرغ
أبغي أبغي، عادها مرتين وإنصرف
ظنا منه أنه إذا إشترى الفايس بوك حلّ مشكلته ومشكلة أمثاله من الديكتاتوريين العرب

هل هناك من يعين هذا الملك في حكمه؟ هل من من يقدم النصائح له؟

هل من من يهمس في أذنته اليمنى: يا ملكي العزيز هذا غباء مفضوح، لا تستطيع أن "تبغي" كل شيئ؟
هل من من يهمس في أذنته اليسرى ويقول له أن الفايس بوك ليس هو من يثور يا ملكي العزيز؟ 
بل هناك شعوب مدعوسة منذ أمد بعيد
وهي التي تثور، هي التي تقتل كل يوم
هي التي تجوع أكثر كل يوم

لماذا لم تشتر الفايس بوك عندما كان أداة للبصبصة والسذاجة الشعبية؟
 لماذا أردت شراء الفايس بوك عندما أصبح موقعا إجتذب الشباب للحوار والنقاش بطريقة ديمقراطيه؟
نعم نعلم أن الفايس بوك أميركي الصنع والمنشأ، نعلم أن السي أي إي عندها قائمة بمشتركيه

لكننا نعلم  يا ملكي العزيز أن طائراتك الحربية هي أميركية أيضا
نعلم  يا عزيزي الملك أن بترولك أنابيبه لا تصب في المملكة

ملكي العزيز نعلم أن  بإستطاعتك شراء الفايس بوك بسهولة كما نشتري نحن سندويش فلافل فثروتك طبعا تفوق ال١٥٠ مليار دولار
لكن دعني أهمس في أذنك: إنها صفقة فاشلة، زوكرنرغ بإستطاعه بيعك إياه وبموافقة السي أي  إي
لكن هناك ١٥٠ مليار طريقة غير الفايس بوك للتواصل يا عزيزي
فايس بوك ليس هو من ثار....الشعوب الجائعة المظطهدة هي من ثار  يا ملكي العزيز
ال١٥٠ مليار إدفعها لبناء قنوات للفيضانات في جدة،
ال١٥٠ مليار إدفعها للسعوديين الفقراء

دعك من فايس بوك ياملكي، حاول أن تشتري هوت مايل فهو لذيذ ومجهّز ب م-س-ن إذا كنت تبغي التشات

Sunday, 27 February 2011

حمّام جماعي ضد الطائفية

وصل العهر بتلفزيون المستقبل الفضيل أن يتبنى هو وضيوفه النصابين مظاهرة اليوم لإسقاط النظام الطائفي في لبنان
وصل الغباء بهذا التلفزيون الكئيب أن لا يفهم هو وزمرة التلفزيونات الكئيبة الأخرى، أن مظاهرة اليوم قامت

زعاماءكم وشركاتكم
أفكاركم وطائفيتكم
رأسماليتكم ودجلكم

مظاهرة اليوم لم تدعون أنتم لها
لم يدعو وليد جنبلاط لها
لم يدعو عون لها ولا جبران باسيل، (جبران باسيل كان في صالون بيته في البترون يتملق
لم يدعو حزب الله لها ولا حركة "فقدان الأمل"

مظاهرة اليوم أيها الأغبياء في التلفزيون الكئيب كانت حمام جماعي للتخلص منكم جميعا
من زبزباتكم وقرفكم العتيق

لا يحق لكم بتبنيها...لم تترنخوا معنا
لكن من الممكن أن تترنخوا منا

We Marched For a Secular Country

لن نلوّح بأعلامكم هذه المرة

لن نلوح بأعلامكم
لا بأحمركم ولا بأورنجكم
لا بأزرقكم، ولا أخضركم
لن نرفع أرزاتكم  ولاشعارتكم

لن نحمل الصليب  ولاالصلاة إلا في قلوبنا
لن نحمل السلاح في أيدينا ولا السباب على ألسنتنا

سنمشي ،
ولن نتعب هذه المرة

لن نرتهب من الخطف ولا الزنازين ولا الجنازير
هذه لغتكم ونعرفها جيدا
  عشناها وحفظناها

سيهطل المطر على خط التماس
ونحن نغني ونمشي
سنمحو خطكم بخطانا

سنمشي ونضرخ ولن نبّح هذه المرة
لن نسكت هذه المرة

إنه وعد قطعناه

تظاهرة ضد النظام الطائفي - Protest against the sectarian system

عاف خلاقو لحالو

وجهة نظرك غير وجهة نظري
شيلي نظرك عن نظري
كرمال الله

إتركي لوحدو هيداك

ما إلو خلاقك
ما إلو خلاقي

ما صدّق ترك الدني

وعاف خلاقو لحالو

Friday, 25 February 2011

We need Education first

This is how they live, to rob, to beat, to harass and not to use any cell of their brains

Thursday, 24 February 2011

التيار في الكولون - FPM in their tights

العونية جايين يحكموا بالكولونات - هيجان The Aoun FPM are coming to rule in tights - Orgasmic

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Mice on Bananas

What  you can find in South Kensington:

1: Museums: That includes  the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, the Royal Albert Hall, Imperial College London, the Victoria and Albert Museum,

2: Royal Colleges: the Royal College of Art, the Royal College of Music

3: Royal Societies: the  Royal Geographical Society

4: Royal shops, restaurants and clubs: (Terrorist Donkey is not going to advertise any)

5: Expensive Flats and shit

6: Scouters: Baden-Powell House.

7:Tube Station - Underground -

8: Royal Mice on Bananas.

PS: There are less mice in poor areas and districts than in rich and royal ones! Is there any explanation?

Friday, 18 February 2011

A Proper Lebanese Philippino

Parking Reserved

She came out of the building, She walked down her street like she owns it

Few seconds later her Philippino maid followed her with a chair.
The Lebanese Madam started her car, and drove like nothing had happened
Her Philippino maid finished her dirty business and ran like nothing had happened.

Radiohead - Lotus Flower

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Cancer with Excellence - سرطاني بإمتياز

ما زلت أتلذذ بهرم البون جوس، مع إنّ طعمته سرطانية بإمتياز

I still enjoy the pyramid "Bonjus", though its taste is Cancer with excellence.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

محمد أسناني مبارك

أسناني وضعهم خرا
أما اضراسي فوضعهم أخرا

موروث عائلي تعاقبت عليه الأجيال ساعدته  تروما من فرشاة الأسنان في سن الصغر

القصة بدأت مع خطاب الرئيس مبارك  الثاني- قمة من القرف على وجهي إمتزجت بقمة ثانية من التعصيب في داخلي
بدأ لساني يلعب في فمي بقوة على خدودي تارة وعلى شفتاي تارة أخرى
يزحط على أسناني في مقدمة الفم ويبدأ بالشد
ينتقل إلى الأسنان في الخلف يشّد و يشّد

لساني يقتلع ضرسي من أساساته -يا عين صبّي دمع

أمّد يدي...ألتقط الضرس
وإذا بالضرس الواحد هو مجموعة من الأضراس المملصقة ببعضها بواسطة معدن لونه رمادي 
بإختصار: هناك وجبة في فمي
لم أعلم بها من قبل - يا لعجبي

ألتقط الهاتف وأحدد موعدا مع دكتورة الأسنان - أكره دكاترة الأسنان ولا أفهمهم
ولا أفهم صنعتهم

أعدت "وجبتي إلى فمي" وقررت إكمال حياتي
ذهبت إلى صديقي-تحدثنا وتحدثنا عن مصر العظيمة، عن سليمان وشفيق
عن مبارك
وإذ بأضراسي تفلت من جديد
أصوات غريبة من داخل فمي- حفحة معدن على أسنان
سألني صديقي: هل هذه الأصوات من فمك؟
أجبت بنعم
وجهه تغيّر - قرف
لا ألومه


ذهبت لرؤية العائلة
طعام و حديث الطاولة عن مصر
مبارك سيلقي خطابا جديدا
تفلت "الوجبة" مرة أخرى
نفس الأصوات من الفم
تقرف العائلة- أبي يتقزز
أمي تعصّب: لقد أفسدت عشاء  أباك


جالسا بصحبة الصديقة نتحدث بالإنكليزية
عن مصر
تفلت "الوجبة" عند سماع  كلمة مبارك
صوت المعدن في فمي
الصديقة تغادر للحمام: تتقيأ


أقف أمام باب عيادة دكتورة الأسنان
خائفا ومحبطا
أدخل و أجلس على الكرسي المتحرك
تطل هي من فوقي - دكاترة الأسنان دائما فوقيين

أفتح لها فمي - وأتركها 
أتركها تلعب بأضراسي وتشتّم رائحة فمي
هذه وظيفتها-لا أستطيع لومها

أخرج من العيادة- أضراسي ثابتة في مكانها
الحياة عادت لسريانها الطبيعي

أجلس خلف المقود- ألّف حزام الأمان وأنطلق وأنا شبه مخدّر
السيارة مليئة بكل أنواع الزبالة- رائحتها عطنة- وحشرات ميته
أسمع الأخبار على الراديو - مصر ما زالت تثور -أحييها من قلبي
حسني مبارك يلتقي سليمان

لساني يشّد على أضراسي
أضراسي تفلت من جديد

أسّب وأشرمط للدكتورة ، للحياة، للأسنان، لمبارك
أسحب أضراسي من فمي-أضعها في محرمة-
وأضعها جنب الڤيتاس

أطفئ المحرك- أعطي السيارة لمحمد، شاب مصري يعمل على المحطة
وأغادر إلى مكتبي القريب من المحطة
أشرب الشاي وأجلس على الكمبيوتر
أقرأ أن مبارك لن يتخل عن الرئاسة
لساني يحاول الضغط على أضراسي

لا أضراس- أين أضراسي؟
إنها في السيارة- في المحطة-
أركض بأقصى سرعة لدي

أصل إلي المحطة- محمد يبتسم
هل وجدت أضراسي؟
أضراس إيه يا باشا؟

بدأت عملية البحث في قمامة المحطة - زبالة السيارات
بحثت في الهوڤر- على أرض المغسل - في جورة الزيت

لا أثر لأضراسي - بلعتها المحطة
 محمد أحس بالذنب- ما عاد يعرف ماذا يقول لي
صاحب المحطة، لبناني ضخم وأصلع وخرا أصلي
يركض والسباب يسبقه
كان يسّب محمد ويلومه على إضاعة أضراسي
محمد يقف صامتا- مسكين

محمد لا دخل له ولا تتكلم معه بهذه الطريقة فهو مصري  ثائر وأنت لبناني أهبل -
قلت لصاحب المحطة- ألقيت السلام على محمد- حييته على الثورة - إبتسم

 غادرت بسيارتي غير آبها بأضراسي- الثورة فوق الأضراس

في المساء سقط مبارك

سأعود للدكتورة  صباحا وسأطالب أضراسا أخرى

Saturday, 12 February 2011

AL Gaddafi on the street القذافي في الشارع

Libyan Activists decided on the 17th of February as a rage day, a big demonstration is planned on the day demanding change of the government, and the surprise came from president Gaddafi who decided to take part in the demonstration to change his own Government

Friday, 11 February 2011

"Freedom" (Song For Egypt)


Inspired by the situation overseas Wyclef Jean has written "Freedom" for the people of Egypt. Equal Rights and Justice

Singing the Tahrir Slogans

| what Mubarak Meant to Say

عيب يا سيدي الرئيس عيب

الجوع ليس له أجندات أجنبية يا سيدي الرئيس
البطالة ليست لها  أي أجندات يا سيدي الرئيس
الفقر والتعتير لاأجندات أجنبية فيه
الفول والطعمية لا يعرفها من الأجانب إلا النباتيين منهم وهم مغلوب على أمرهم  يا سيدي الرئيس

أنت من هو أخبر بالأجندات الأجنبية،
أو إسأل صديقك السفاح سليمان عن أجنداته
هو الخبير المتمرس، يعرف الشاردة والواردة يا سيدي الرئيس

إسأل الفلسطنيين ممن أقفلت المعبر الوحيد بوجهم وهم بأشّد الحاجة إلى عونك يا سيدي الرئيس
إسألهم عن الحديد  الذي استعمل لبناء الحائط الفاصل
سيقولون لك: إنه حديد مصري يا سيدي الرئيس، والمعمل هو معمل رئيس وزرائك

إسأل الإسرائليين أصدقاءك عن نفطهم وغازهم
سيقولون لك إنه آت من مصر يا سيدي الرئيس

لا تتهم شعبك بأجندات أجنبية يا سيدي الرئيس وأنت  وحزبك الحاكم ربّ الأجندات
عيب يا سيدي الرئيس

Thursday, 10 February 2011

إنها البداية إنتظرونا

قد يسقط العاهر الوقح والأبله حسني مبارك اليوم
قد يركب طيارة ويطير
قد تسقط الطائرة من ثقل صبغة شعره
أو ثقل دمه-أو الإثنين مجتمعين
قد يحّط سالما في ليبيا أو في المملكة(أي مملكة)  ويموت فقع بعد لحظات

قد يحّط على بوز مدفع أو دبابة
أو في مجرور مصري أصيل
المهم أنه سيسقط

والأهم أن ثورة المصريين لم تكن لتغيير الرئيس فقط وإستبداله بمجرم آخر يعتقد أنهم شعب غير جاهز للديمقراطية
 أو قائد عسكري آخر يحكم بدبابة أميركية

ثورة المصريين كانت  لأن بطونهم  جاعت على مدى ثلاثين عاما
ملّوا من الفول والطعمية
ثورة المصريين كانت لأن رؤوسهم إنحنت على مدى ثلاثين عاما
وما عادوا ليحنوا رؤسهم لأحد

فليطمئن الشباب العربي
المصريون لن يقبلوا بحلول وسط
لن يقبلوا بسليمان ولا الطنطاوي
ثاروا مرة ويستطيعون الثورة أنّ أرادوا

نعم وليقلق الملوك والرؤساء العرب
فليقلق نتنياهو وأوباما  واللوبي الصهيوني الفاشي
فالثورة التي بدأت بتونس لن تنته بمصر
إنها البداية إنتظرونا 

انت في وطن ديمقراطي

 بقلم: أحمد فؤاد نجم

انت ف وطن ديمقـــــــراطي
طاطي راسك طاطي طــــاطي
انت ف وطن ديمقراطـــــــي
انت بتنـــعــــم بالحــــــــــرية
بس بشرط تكون مطاطــــــي

لما تكون شغــال بذمــــــــــة
خايف على مصــلحة الأمــة
شغلك يطلع من غير لازمــة
علشان مبيعلاش غير واطي
طاطي راسك طاطي طاطـــي
انت ف وطن ديمـــــقراطي

لما حاميها يكون حراميــها
وبلاده ورا ضهره رامـيـها
طالع نازل واكل فيـــــــــها
مسنود بالبدلة الظباطــــي
طاطي راسك طاطي طاطـــي
انت ف وطن ديمـــــقراطي

لما شــقاك يصــبح مش ليك
فقرك سد السكة علــــــــــيك
تتلفّت تلــــقى حـــوالـــــــيك
إما حرامي و إما عقــــاطي
طاطي راسك طاطي طاطــــي
انت ف وطن ديمقراطـــــــي

لماتلاقي بـــــلاد الـدنـيـــــــا
فيها البني آدم حــــاجة تانية
وانت في الطبقات الـــــــدنيا
قرد مسلسل أو وطواطــــي
طاطي راسك طاطي طاطـــي
انت ف وطن ديمقراطــــــي

لما الجهلة يبــــــقوا أمــامــك
أو فوقك ماسكــين ف زمامك
ويسوقك ع الهــلكة إمامك
تشرب م السم السقـــــراطي
طاطي راسك طاطــــي طاطي
انت ف وطن ديمقـــــــراطي

لمــــا الكلـــمة تكون بتدينـك
لما تخبي ف قلـــــــبك دينــك
لما الذل أشوفه ف عيـــــــنك
هات إحباطك على إحباطــــي
طاطي راسك طاطي طاطـــي
انت ف وطن ديمقراطــــــي
انت ف وطن ديمقراطـــــــي

Omar Suleiman, Tied to False Iraq WMD Tortured “Intel”

Laura Rosen of Politico writes that “the United States supports talks on an orderly transition being led by Egyptian Vice President Gen. Omar Suleiman,” who was recently appointed vice president by Hosni Mubarak.

A human right lawyer, Hawkins has been a researcher for Jane Mayer, author of The Dark Side and the new piece “Who is Omar Suleiman?” in The New Yorker Mayer writes: “Suleiman has headed the feared Egyptian general intelligence service. In that capacity, he was the CIA’s point man in Egypt for renditions — the covert program in which the CIA snatched terror suspects from around the world and returned them to Egypt and elsewhere for interrogation, often under brutal circumstances.” See Hawkins’ Twitter feed for background and regular updates: twitter.com/KHawkins5
Mayer added to her piece: “Katherine Hawkins, a sharp-eyed human-rights lawyer who did legal research for my book, points out that, according to [author Ron] Suskind, Suleiman was the CIA’s liaison for the rendition of an Al Qaeda suspect known as Ibn Sheikh al-Libi. The Libi case is particularly controversial, in large part because it played a role in the building of the case for the American invasion of Iraq.”

Hawkins wrote “The Promises of Torturers: Diplomatic Assurances and the Legality of Rendition.” Also, see some of her recent updates.
Hajjar is a professor in the sociology department at the University of California-Santa Barbara and a co-editor at the new journal Jadaliyya, where she recently wrote the piece “Omar Suleiman, the CIA’s Man in Cairo and Egypt’s Torturer-in-Chief.”

The piece states: “At least one person extraordinarily rendered by the CIA to Egypt — Egyptian-born Australian citizen Mamdouh Habib — was tortured by Suleiman himself. … A far more infamous torture case, in which Suleiman also is directly implicated, is that of Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi. Unlike Habib, who was innocent of any ties to terror or militancy, al-Libi allegedly was a trainer at al-Khaldan camp in Afghanistan. He was captured by the Pakistanis while fleeing across the border in November 2001. He was sent to Bagram, and questioned by the FBI. But the CIA wanted to take over, which they did, and he was transported to a black site on the USS Bataan in the Arabian Sea, then extraordinarily rendered to Egypt. Under torture there, al-Libi ‘confessed’ knowledge about an al-Qaeda — Saddam connection, claiming that two al-Qaeda operatives had received training in Iraq for use in chemical and biological weapons. In early 2003, this was exactly the kind of information that the Bush administration was seeking to justify attacking Iraq and to persuade reluctant allies to go along. Indeed, al-Libi’s ‘confession’ was one the central pieces of ‘evidence’ presented at the United Nations by then-Secretary of State Colin Powell to make the case for war. As it turns out, though, that ‘confession’ was a lie tortured out of him by Egyptians. …
“According to Evan Kohlmann, who enjoys favored status as an ‘al-Qaeda expert’ among U.S. officials, citing a classified source: ‘Al-Libi’s death coincided with the first visit by Egypt’s spymaster Omar Suleiman to Tripoli.’ Kohlmann surmises and opines that after al-Libi recounted his story about an al-Qaeda-Saddam WMD connection, ‘The Egyptians were embarrassed by this admission, and the Bush government found itself in hot water internationally. Then, in May 2009, Omar Suleiman saw an opportunity to get even with al-Libi and traveled to Tripoli. By the time Omar Suleiman’s plane left Tripoli, Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi had committed “suicide.”‘”
Background: See Hossam Bahgat, founder and executive director of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights. Interviewed on Democracy Now on Monday, he highlighted critical information about Suleiman, including information gleaned via WikiLeaks. Bahgat noted that until 2007, Egyptians didn’t know who Omar Suleiman was “because up until then, he was not a public persona. We did not know who the head of our intelligence service was.”
Col. Lawrence B. Wilkerson, Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, wrote after al-Libi’s “suicide” in 2009: “What I have learned is that as the administration authorized harsh interrogation in April and May of 2002 — well before the Justice Department had rendered any legal opinion — its principal priority for intelligence was not aimed at pre-empting another terrorist attack on the U.S. but discovering a smoking gun linking Iraq and al-Qaeda.
“So furious was this effort that on one particular detainee, even when the interrogation team had reported to Cheney’s office that their detainee ‘was compliant’ (meaning the team recommended no more torture), the VP’s office [Cheney] ordered them to continue the enhanced methods. The detainee had not revealed any al-Qaeda-Baghdad contacts yet. This ceased only after Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi, under waterboarding in Egypt, ‘revealed’ such contacts. Of course later we learned that al-Libi revealed these contacts only to get the torture to stop.
“There in fact were no such contacts. (Incidentally, al-Libi just ‘committed suicide’ in Libya. Interestingly, several U.S. lawyers working with tortured detainees were attempting to get the Libyan government to allow them to interview al-Libi….)”

See video of Colin Powell denying any knowledge of the al-Libi case at Washington Stakeout on May 25, 2009 [questioning by Sam Husseini]
For more information, contact at the Institute for Public Accuracy:
Sam Husseini, (202) 347-0020; or David Zupan, (541) 484-9167
Source: http://www.accuracy.org/

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Revolution is Fun with Egyptians

Mubarak fights Boredom

Go, My wife is missing me (Got married 20 days ago)

Just go I need  A hair Cut

We don't want you, wrote it in Chinese, he doesn't get it in Arabic

Go my wife needs to give birth and my baby doesn't want to see you

Just Go my hand is hurting

Reversed maybe you'll get it

We will remain here,  even donkeys can learn from repetition 

Go I need to get married

Sorry my country, I'm late

Go Uncle, have some dignity (it rhymes in Arabic)

poor people they think I'm Going

Mubarak: tell me how many supporters do we have? Suleiman: Cool it down president, we have 300 thugs, 200 Camels, and 400 donkeys ready to move

Warning: this president destroys the country

Last Call for the flight to Jeddah KSA

Go My shoulders  hurt

In hieroglyphic, Maybe you'll get Pharaoh

After people revolted, you say it's not our morals, where were your morals after your party stole us?

If the people want to live freely, there is no way for cows but to accept

Down Down

The President

I'm Fed up from KFC, Give me a break and Go

Go go, no more queues

Blood needed for Mubarak

I'm a dentist looking to remove Mubarak

Let Israel Look after you

If he has a PHD in stubbornness, We have a noble Price in Patience

Smile, Revolution will be nicer

Go, I have to go to my nursery

If you know whose in the picture, you'll go with him to Saudi Arabia

Please God let it Rain heavily on Tahrir Square for a week, and mom if you love me let it snow for a week

Name of the student: Hosni Mubarak (grades zero - Result: Fail)

This is KFC

Go we need to go to  school

40 to 70 Billions

My new Address: Tahrir Square

Islam is the solution

You still live in the age of Camels, you thug

Expiry Date: 25th of Jan

Go I lost my voice

You have a trip to go on

fake place of Birth: El Sharkeieh- Real one: Tahrir Square

New address for the party

Source: http://www.facebook.com/akbrr?v=wall#!/akbrr