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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

"Donkey" and Schwarzenegger

“Donkey” was not a very talented boy, and that's due to his big sum of failures in copying TV. heroes and transforming them in to his reality. his first attempt was copying “daniel larusso” in “the karate kid”
which led to paint every single wall of his village,”breathing in and breathing out” he was found unconscious at the end of his village covered with paint, after been waiting for “mr. miyagi” to come and spit on his face. but the good happens and “mr. miyagi” didn’t show up. “Donkey” was hospitalized and recovered.

though he was able to turn his village in-to a colorful tourist village, not in the very far future. but the villagers turned their back on “donkey”’'s achievement and he was accused of (changing the geography of the space by graffiti acts), which i myself researched and found no trace on such a name. anyways “Donkey” spent his time in a detention center and was treated to forget the mr. miyaagi spit.

“Donkey” wasn’t dumb to the level to get inspired by “superman” and wear his blue jacket and fly from his balcony on the third floor to rescue the 13 years old beautiful neighbor from an attack by a pig; although “super man” was a film that he had to see and analyze in his treatment.

“Donkey” had never admired “Arnold Schwarzenegger” in “terminator” which was another film he had to watch in his treatment, he didn’t like him for so many reasons:
1- his name was a bit too long to say and remember. he only used to remember the first part “schwar” and missed the rest.
2- “Donkey” was never a big fan of muscles.
3- above all,”Donkey” was a kind of person who liked beauty, or at least he preferred it to ugliness, his problem with
“Schwarzenegger” was that the last was out any kind of classification.
4- “Donkey” thought that “Schwarzenegger” has the funniest voice he ever heard. he always used to shiver when he hears him talking.once he wet himself.can you imagine??

“Donkey” was found unconscious again when he saw “ Schwarzenegger” on the TV. elected as a governor of California. he was shocked. he couldn’t take it.

but the worst happened when “Donkey” saw “Rambo” and again in the detention center.

“Donkey”’s on his first day out from the detention center. he tried to act as “Sylvester Stalone” in “Rambo”. though he was unable to manufacture real weapons, and he couldn’t afford to buy them from his village’s mini-market.but he was able to shoot one of his friends with a rock straight in the eye. the friend lied there helpless like a Vietnamese, “Donkey” was content for a while before he was taken back to his detention center where he spent enough time to have no idea what will happen to him next.

“Donkey” mastered after he was out a new kind of skill far away from anything that could cause harm or injuries and without using any kind of violence. he spent his time rehearsing to squeeze a certain amount of toothpaste on his brush. it took him long before he was able to squeeze any amount you ask him to squeeze on any brush you provide him with. he was able to that even in the dark.

one night on his way to the toilet he noticed that in the little corridor of his house which leads to the toilet there are six doors in less than three meters distance, and for a moment he was so confused which was the door leading to the toilet and so wanted to piss.

“Donkey” now trying to master another skill “pissing in the dark” ended up pissing partially in the bin and partially in the sink. it’s not so funny! he knew it, but that what happened. he had no idea that pissing in the dark is not an easy skill to master especially for men, its unlike squeezing toothpaste where you can control your internal pressure and apply it on a certain material. he knew at that point that there are certain uncontrollable organs and pressures in human bodies.

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man, you are insane, well the most positive meaning of insane ... love the post