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Monday, 20 September 2010

Romance & Explosives

Ahh isn't this so Romantic",
she said it leaning on her boyfriend's shoulder, she held his hand as they watched the scene of Two Rainbows sneaking into the Cloudy sky of London.
It was a nice, I have to admit, as I was standing behind the couple with my camera on the platform of the train station.

The colors were great I thought; the girl thought it was romantic; her partner wasn't really thinking of anything! He was just waiting for the bloody train to take him home, so he can change his suit (that same suit that everyone wears in London, the one with white parallel stripes) and his pointy shoes! He wanted to get home and shower, or maybe go to the gym with his white I-shirt and the white Air-max Nike that he bought from J.d sports the week before. And then shower, either in the gym with all the naked men, or at home with no naked men!
This is what I thought that he was thinking anyways! till I noticed that the people on the platform, (some in the same suit as my man's suit) started to move away from me!
They left the "Two Rainbows" Colorful and Romantic scene and pointed their hands in my direction, mumbling things in different languages but with the same Frightened look. Some were about to scream, others were thinking to call 911, They seemed to agree on something, and this something and this something was going to be bad and coming from my direction.

I said to myself "oh fuck, I'm back to this habit, imagining things!"
I dint finish my sentence when one Security man penetrated through the crowds (who were still pointing their fingers) and asked me "is that your bag?", his eyes were hanging out of his face (like in a cartoon), and he was not asking like people usually ask inserting the "Please" word at the end of the sentence, he was shouting for real and True hate saying "I want to kill this motherfucker".

That what I thought he was saying as I slowly turned and saw my bag, it was lying lonely like 3 meters away from me and all fingers pointing at it, except mine and the couple; he was hugging her saying "Its Romantic indeed".

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