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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Guns-Lebanese Army-Mar Roukoz

It's a text message that you only receive in Lebanon,  it's a joint business between a vicious mobile network and some bloody Weapons Trader. It's the same business and politics rich, capitalist countries follow: selling weapons to the world and provoking wars...
This time on a smaller scale, its between a Lebanese Mobile network (one of its employees been accused for spying to Israel) called Alfa and a Weapons shop/club called "Josons SARL".

Themessage that i received twice in one day reads:
Sender:Josons SARL

"Visit our Unique indoor pistol shooting range and get the ammunition at the lowest prices at the Lebanese Army shooting Club-Dekwaneh-Mar Roukoz.Call...."

Explanation is needed for such messages. Monitoring is needed for such messages-
Maybe the Lebanese General Security should work more in censoring such stupid advertising rather than watching Films and censoring kisses.

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