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Friday, 4 February 2011

The most pivotal day in Egypt's modern history

by Mohammed Yahia on Friday, 04 February 2011 at 11:18
The past few days, Tahrir Square became my home. The past few days have passed so fast it is sometimes hard to follow all that happened. Sometimes it was a beautiful dream, sometimes it was a nightmare. Sometimes I shared food and laughs and stories with people who symbolize the best of humanity. At other times I stood shoulder to shoulder with those same people as we faced death at the hands of the regime. Not everyone made it through, but those who did treated their wounds and stood defiant once again.

Many people fell. I often ask myself why they were killed and I honestly cannot find a single acceptable reason for their death. They died because they asked to live free, to live with dignity, and because they believe they deserved better. Their blood is more precious to me than anything I've ever seen.

Today is the biggest day and most important day of the uprising. If you have never gone a single day, today is the day to make a stand for freedom.

Photo by Timothy E. Kaldas

The protest is a public uprising. Everyone took to the streets. Muslims along with Christians, young along with old. Everyone has united in their dream for freedom. Now is your chance to be part of that dream. Join those who dared to dream. Those who dare to dream cannot be tamed. We will not be tamed, we will not back down now after we have achieved what we did. We are on the brink of the biggest revolution Egypt has ever known. We have the support of every single freedom loving person in the world.

Today your fellow Egyptians need your help. Come stand with us. Unite your voice with us in our call to bring the tyrant who has brought this great nation to it's knees. Today is your chance to find your pride again.

If you miss today you will never be able to forgive yourself. You will never be able to explain to your children and your children's children where you were on the most pivotal day of Egypt's history. How will you explain to them that, on this most important day, you chose to stay in home because you wanted 'stability'.

No one who ever gave up on freedom gained stability. We never had stability in Egypt. We had a tyrant controlling every aspect of life. That is not stability, that is oppression. Don't believe what the tyrant is saying - that we would have chaos if he stepped down. These are the same claims every delusional tyrant has made before.

Go out today and support your brothers and sisters who have put their lives on the line so you may have a better life. It is the least you can do now and we will all be thankful for you. You will never be in better company, I promise you that.

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