I'm not just a donkey - I'm a terrorist one

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Revolution is Fun with Egyptians

Mubarak fights Boredom

Go, My wife is missing me (Got married 20 days ago)

Just go I need  A hair Cut

We don't want you, wrote it in Chinese, he doesn't get it in Arabic

Go my wife needs to give birth and my baby doesn't want to see you

Just Go my hand is hurting

Reversed maybe you'll get it

We will remain here,  even donkeys can learn from repetition 

Go I need to get married

Sorry my country, I'm late

Go Uncle, have some dignity (it rhymes in Arabic)

poor people they think I'm Going

Mubarak: tell me how many supporters do we have? Suleiman: Cool it down president, we have 300 thugs, 200 Camels, and 400 donkeys ready to move

Warning: this president destroys the country

Last Call for the flight to Jeddah KSA

Go My shoulders  hurt

In hieroglyphic, Maybe you'll get Pharaoh

After people revolted, you say it's not our morals, where were your morals after your party stole us?

If the people want to live freely, there is no way for cows but to accept

Down Down

The President

I'm Fed up from KFC, Give me a break and Go

Go go, no more queues

Blood needed for Mubarak

I'm a dentist looking to remove Mubarak

Let Israel Look after you

If he has a PHD in stubbornness, We have a noble Price in Patience

Smile, Revolution will be nicer

Go, I have to go to my nursery

If you know whose in the picture, you'll go with him to Saudi Arabia

Please God let it Rain heavily on Tahrir Square for a week, and mom if you love me let it snow for a week

Name of the student: Hosni Mubarak (grades zero - Result: Fail)

This is KFC

Go we need to go to  school

40 to 70 Billions

My new Address: Tahrir Square

Islam is the solution

You still live in the age of Camels, you thug

Expiry Date: 25th of Jan

Go I lost my voice

You have a trip to go on

fake place of Birth: El Sharkeieh- Real one: Tahrir Square

New address for the party

Source: http://www.facebook.com/akbrr?v=wall#!/akbrr

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