I'm not just a donkey - I'm a terrorist one

Friday, 10 December 2010


Last week a 22 years old man was shot by the Lebanese Police.
His name was Abdel Nassr, he worked as a delivery boy in a Hamra shop.
He wasn't shot because he was a Syrian. He was shot because he had a bag on his back,

as if we live in London or NewYork where people & police are "bagophobic"
as if Abdel Nasser was going down the tube in London to bomb himself,

A car with 4 civilians stopped by Abdel Nasser and his friend Ahmad,
two men with guns stood out from the car and ran in their direction,
Ahmad froze in his spot,
Abdel Nasser was afraid...he ran
They ran after him, he tried to be quick...but he is no quicker than a bullet...

They shot him: a bullet went through his back and came out from his heart,
poor boy he carried on running, he ran 40 meters before he gave up...
he dropped dead.

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