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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Keep The Shit Inside - خلي الخرا جواتك

It's the first time The Terrorist donkey hears or sees something like this since 2008 when Ken Levingstone lost his campaign for the London Mayor Election to the freak Borris Jonson.
Levingstone in his campaign toured around schools advising school kids not to flush water everytime they go to the toilet and not to keep water running while brushing teeth...It was a great campaign and obviously he lost.

In Lebanon it's a different story, people themselves are saving water not because they are aware of Global Warming and surely not applying Levingstone's great methods.

They are doing this because there is no water...why there is no water? It's a complicated story.
some say its not raining enough
some say that the government was cutting off water from houses and families to give it stupid fat rich beach resorts owners? is it true? maybe it is in Lebanon.

What ever the reason is people started to work around it even they smell a bit more now....
peeing twice, flushing once and keeping the shit in.

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