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Monday, 31 January 2011

F16 Ya Man?

I still can't buy how effective the use of F16 in a protest is.
I mean F16s fly, people don't.

I can understand governments use F16s to bomb the shit out of people like the Israelis always do,
but since you Hosni can't bomb the shit out of people because you'll be filmed and tweeted in less than a second, so why do you bother flying them?

It can't be that you're showing of with F16, they're just a little too old and too boring now.
It couldn't be that your creating noise pollution as the Israelis do daily above East Jerusalem,
It cant be that c'mmon, It's fucking Cairo man, it's the noisier than Bombay,
people might not even hear the F16.

Honestly Hosni you are in very deep shit hole-I suggest put yourself in a F16 without a pilot and go and crash it somewhere.

Israel is a good location by the way. It's close to Egypt and to your heart.

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Arek Dakessian said...

Haha well said Donkey