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Monday, 18 October 2010

September Geese-طيور أيلول

من المفترض أن تهاجر الطيور في أيلول...هذا ما درسنا في القراءة يوما
هذا العام وبما أن لبنان دخل مرحلة التصّحر، الطيور أبت أن تهاجر في أيلول وهاجرت في تشرين
ربما حان وقت تغيير عنوان درس القراءة أو ربما حملة توعية بيئية من الحكومة...ربما

Geese are supposed to migrate from Lebanon In September. This is what once we studied at School.
This year and since Lebanon is going to be a Desert soon, The geese refused to leave up until October.
Maybe That lesson of "Geese-migration in September" should be changed to "Geese-migration in October" or Maybe it would be great if the government can start some Environmental Campaigns...
Just an Idea

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Voltaire said...

Damn right! There isn't even a transport system. Think of how much carbon emissions we can cut if there was some sort of mono-rail. How about introducing a bicycle system in the cities? Let's work on this together. I'm serious.