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Friday, 23 December 2011

When You Fly Above Israel

It was that cheap flight taking me from Amman - Jordan to London. It was the Easy Jet.
The flight was packed. Arabs, Brits, Israelis and many others  were on the same flight.

Tension among the passengers, it's that tension when Arabs meet Israelis in a closed space, where they can neither talk, threaten or bomb the hell of each other.

Seat belts are on, hosts and hostesses pace the little aisle of the plane checking on the safety of the passengers. The Pilot welcomed us and announced the taking off.

The plane was in the air and the fun had just began.

Minutes after taking off another announcement came from the pilot: 
"We will shortly be Flying above Israel, please all remain seated with seat belts on till we cross the Israeli lands"

"What is that about?" That was the expression on all faces (except for the Israeli Passengers) 
Aren't we allowed to leave our seats on a plane flying thousands of miles above the Israeli lands? 

The answer comes quick from the pilot: "Israeli authorities do not allow any movement on the plane, they could shoot the plane down, so please remain seated with seat belts on"

Seriously, they can shoot us down!!??

"Yes" assured us the hostess as she crawled down with fear in her eyes. 

An old Lady needed the toilet. 
"Sorry" said the hostess,  "you can't pee above Israel, the israeli air force might hunt us down".

"what do you recommend doing?" answered the nice old lady
"Hold it" said the hostess.

The answer came quickly from the old lady:  A leak covered the seat.

A British man in his 50's seated on the other side of the wet old lady starts mumbling angrily about Israel, his voice started to get louder and louder as eyes stared with fear. An anonymous man seated next to him nodded his head with disagreement. This nod will make the man regret it for his life. The British man went berserk then, he knew that there was something smelly about this nod. He asked the anonymous man: "Are You Israeli?" The man had to answer: "yes" The British man went ever berserker and stood up; the anonymous man who was not anonymous any more tried to calm him down: "I'm Israeli but I have nothing to do with that". The British man was not convinced with the answer, he did not give any damn shit about the pilot's repetitive announcement or the rules of flying above Israel, he didn't care if the plane was going to be shot down, he had his hands round the man's neck and started strangling him, as he was shouting: "It's people's like you who are the most responsible". No hostesses dared to come, all of the passengers were pressing the "service button" and all at once, not so interested in the Israeli man's life, it was more their own lives.

After those moments of panic on board, The British man decided to give up on the Israeli man who was left terrorized for the rest of the journey, as the British man fell into deep sleep snoring all the way through to Heathrow. Police was waiting for him at the gate.

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